Fall is flea season for dogs and cats

If you talk to any veterinary assistant, they will flea seasontell you one thing about the fall: it is prime flea season for pets. The reason for this is simple: fleas breed during the spring and summer but die off during the colder winter months, meaning that they are alive
in the greatest numbers in the fall. They are always looking for a place to stay, meaning that your dog or cat could be in danger.

Getting rid of fleas is something that any vet assistant can do, but those fleas could already be doing damage to your pet. As vet assistants know, fleas can be very difficult to get rid of, as most collars won’t stop an infestation from attacking your dog or cat. Most veterinary assistant schools recommend a topical medication like Frontline for dealing with fleas, along with vacuuming and washing clothes, rugs and bedding.