How to choose a dog harness

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Written by Costbuys

Dog harness can be expensive, but an item that is necessary to keep your dog healthy and safe. There are many online shopping deals that offer a wide variety of dog harnesses. Here are a few tips on how to choose one that is best for you.

Purpose – You will first have to determine what purpose you will be using your harness for. Dog harnesses can be used for daily walking, pulling, anti-pulling, training, warming a dog’s body in winter, for guide and assistance work, as dog identification, for rehabilitation after surgery etc.

Pulling dog harness – This is designed to make your dog stronger and you can attach wooden boxes with sand or stone to it. These are best for working dogs that need to know how to pull.

Training dog harnesses – If you are using a harness to train your dog, you will have to buy one that is durable. Most often training will include attack/protection training, training for police and military or for competitions. You should look at harnesses with padding to make the training experience comfortable for your dog. It is also a good idea to buy a harness with a top handle, to provide the trainer with more control over the training process.

Material – It is advisable to look at buying a nylon or leather dog harness. Nylon harnesses are cheaper and are suitable for walking your dog in humid weather. They are also water and snow resistant, which will keep your pet dry and warm. On the other hand, leather is a natural product, which is breathable; this quality will allow moisture and heat to move away from your pet’s body

Look at harnesses on sale or on special discount. Online shopping pet stores are the best place to understand the features and reviews of the harness you are potentially buying.


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