How to Properly and Positively Socialize Your Pitbull Puppy

Pitbulls that are socialized properly at a young age grow up to have a healthier and happier lifestyle.

socializing-pitbullsRaising bully pitbulls in a household requires patience, time, and good habits. It’s important to start helping them adjust to their new environment the first week of bringing them home as a puppy. Here are some tips on how you can socialize your pitbull puppy to make them friendly.

Socialize at a Young Age

So, to reiterate, the best thing that you can do to socialize your pitbull is to start as early as possible. This isn’t to say that full-grown pitbulls can’t be socialized, it just takes a lot more time and work to do so. The sooner your blue pitbull puppies are socialized, the easier it will be for them to react and learn to new things that you teach them.

Take Your Time and Always Stay Positive

Always remain in control of the situation when you are socializing your dog. Have him on a leash or have one next to you. This way, you can intervene if he starts to act naughty. It’s essential that they also learn to respond to their name. Also, keep some treats on you as well, to reward him for giving you his attention in a prompt manner. But be careful not to overdo it. A reward needs to be worked for, and too many rewards can lead to confusion between good and bad behavior. Start slow, never rush the process. Introduce your puppy to a few friends or take him to visit a family member. Your dog will slowly adjust to being around other people and other family members. You’re also letting him experience the work around him, rather than keeping him locked within four walls the entire time. Do your very best to make his experience a positive one.

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