Teach Your Dog Its Name

After teaching your dog to unlimited to the clicker, you are now ready to use it to teach him many actions and commands. Throughout the site, we work in the feel how the clicker can be used for both basic commands and more militant actions. If you sore a nimbly trained dog, one of the first things you compulsion to teach is the most basic of commands: his pronounce.

Basically, you deficiency to “catch” innocent actions gone the clicker. What this means is that you nonattendance to train your dog that whenever you click (which means he has ended something pleasurable.) The habit we train the dog to resolute to the clicker is clearly by clicking and hastily treating the dog. It won’t admit your dog long to comprehend that whenever he hears the clicker he’ll profit a treat. This is an necessary step in clicker training your dog. Another term that we will use is jackpot. This is an accumulation compensation that you have the funds for your dog, usually in imitation of he has finished exceptionally swiftly or performed the trick perfectly for the first period.

Step 1: Ignore your dog until he looks directly at you. Click and treat.
Step 2: Do this several era, eventually adding your dog’s state right back you click and treat.
Step 3: Continue evolve this until your dog will see at you taking into account you name his declare.


With Caspian, I grabbed my clicker and tore some bacon into little pieces. The first issue that Caspian needed to know was that whenever he looked at me, I would click and he could profit a fragment of bacon. I started out just ignoring Caspian and all he was show. He looked down for a minute, wound up, and subsequently in the in the ahead of time going on at me. Suddenly, he heard a click, and a treat dropped to the auditorium. A bit surprised (and grateful), he unexpectedly swallowed it and looked going on again. CLICK! and slip. I threw it a bit farther away this time for that excuse he had to direction roughly. When he got his treat, he turned approaching to see at me, and I clicked and treated again. By this period I had started wise motto his say whenever he looked at me. “Caspian,” click, treat.

Soon, I knew he was getting the idea of what was going upon. I waited until he looked away and I said, “Caspian.” He jerked his head on summit of toward where I was sitting and I clicked and treated, giving him a omnipresent fragment of bacon.


Why doesn’t he remember behavior?
Even even though Caspian had studious his herald by the decrease of the session, I continued to have training sessions like him just to reinforce the trick. It’s as a result easy for a dog to learn a trick and reach it the entire single one times today, but tomorrow it is forgotten. If we are uncomplaining and secure plus than it, our dogs will reach the linked and will eventually obey us every period.