Teach Your Dog to React to Clickers

We recommends Clicker Training for your dog. This is a easy yet extremely dynamic method, the average dog owner in mind. You don’t compulsion to know much just about dog training to use this method.

Basically, you suffering feeling to “catch” fine behavior in facilitate the clicker. What this means is that you ache to train your dog that whenever you click (which means he has finished something pure.) The pretension we train the dog to final to the clicker is understandably by clicking and unexpectedly treating the dog. It won’t resign yourself to on your dog long to publication you will that whenever he hears the clicker he’ll do a treat. This is an vital step in clicker training your dog. Another term that we will use is jackpot. This is an additional compensation that you meet the expense of your dog, usually forward than he has finished exceptionally competently or performed the trick perfectly for the first times.

Step 1: Click and manage to pay for your dog a treat.
Step 2: Repeat more or less 30 epoch. This teaches your dog to association the click following the treat.
Step 3: To refrain this connection, it is important to follow the have enough share a ruling: Never click without treating and never treat without clicking. We have one exception to this important examine in the Come command (Trick #8).

When I taught my dog Caspian to answer to the clicker, I did it greater than several training sessions. By the slant of view of each five-minute session, he would always jerk his head toward me taking into account he heard the sealed of the clicker. Of course, I had to find the money for him several training sessions to reinforce his learning.

Where Can I Find More Info On This Method?
Renowned dog trainer Karen Pryor has several books almost the Clicker Training Method, which are immense resources for any dog trainer, experienced or not.