Common Characteristics and Misconceptions of Blue Nose Pit Bulls

At first glance, blue nose pit bulls may seem like intimidating and aggressive animals. However, this medium-sized dog has a strong appearance that is relatively deceiving. For one, they are naturally gentle in nature, and mostly get flak due to unreasonable perspectives. Blue pit bull puppies that are brought up correctly do not pose a threat to the owners nor other dogs. As a matter of fact, with proper training, they tend to behave kindly and with intelligence. Don’t let public opinions threaten your decision to adopt one of these amazing dogs.

Savage Reputation

 Their reputation as dangerous dogs come from the fact that they were sometimes used in dog fighting rings by criminals. Due to the fact that they’re brought up aggressively and also taught to fight, they become misled and praised for injuring others. It’s this type of behavior that gives pit bulls a bad name. When people tend to see “pitbull terriers for sale” in the local ads, they often look past it due to their perceived aggressive image. Many homeowners prefer something with a less than intimidating appearance and reputation.


 If you are in the market for a new pet and are considering pitbulls, consider the fact that they are not aggressive, scary, or even mean. As a matter of fact, they are kind, considerate, and loyal. They’re actually one of the most affectionate dogs in the entire world.  Don’t be swayed by the public opinion. Many of these pit bulls end up being abandoned due to the fact that homeowners don’t want an “aggressive” dog as a member of their family.

Physically Active

 Blue nose pit bulls are one of the most active types of dogs in the world. They may not get along with lazy owners that tend to want to stay indoors every day, but they will do well with homes that are near a park where their owners will take them outside at least one a day. Without frequent entertainment or physical activity, they will become very bored and bit mischievous. If your blue nose pit bull isn’t taken outside at least once a day, he will not get the energy and exercise that he needs to maintain a healthy body. Let them walk around and enjoy the physical activities that they need to thrive.
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