How to Start Out As An Amateur Pitbull Breeder

Take the right amount of steps to become the best breeder that you can be.

Written by: Iron King Kennels

Pitbull breeding is no easy task. It requires a significant amount of money, housing, proper techniques, and a unique kind of love for dogs. If you are just starting out, there are numerous articles that will guide the experienced breeder but very few that point amateur breeders in the right direction. Here are some tips on how you can go about your breeding business.

Calculate Finances

As stated above, breeding bully pitbulls is an investment that requires a significant amount of money. This will cover items such as: shelter for your dogs, food, purchasing both male and female pitbulls to breed, medicine, and other trinkets. Be sure that you have enough saved up before even thinking about breeding for profit.

Perform a Background Check

The right type of dog is required for all breeding, regardless of the type of the dog. It will ensure that your blue pitbull puppies or other bully pitbulls grow up to be strong, healthy, and thrive in a household environment. Additionally, buyers will also want to know the medical background of the dogs that they buy. If they see that there is a history of a specific type of disease, they are more than likely to let pass on the deal. This could also ruin your reputation of being a trustworthy breeder. As an amateur breeder, your reputation could make or break you, especially with the vast amount of breeders that are already in, and are getting in, to the industry.