The Best Tips to Maximize Your Relationship With Your Pit Bull

Blue nose pit bulls are a beautiful color variation of the American pit bull terrier. They tend to have blue eyes, charcoal gray noses, and bluish-gray coats. Now, just like any pit bull, it is extremely important that you raise your family friend with consistency, patience, and a whole lot of love. This breed tends to grow into a large and energetic dog, so proper training and obedience is of the utmost importance to ensure that your dog is being pointed in the right direction.

Socialize Your Pit Bull

 During pitbull breeding, many of them are accustomed to seeing each other. It’s natural for them to want to be in the company of both dogs and humans. However, always remember that they need to be socialized by exposing them to lots of people, places, sights, and sounds to make sure that their experiences are both positive and enjoyable.  Remember, when pitbull puppies are between the ages of seven to 16 weeks of age, it’s an important time for them because what they are exposed to during this stage will affect how they will react to new situations for the rest of their lives.


 Be sure that you train your pitbull consistently from the first day that you bring him or her home. An American pitbull terrier needs gentle and positive training methods, but you also need to be firm in you leadership. This will teach your newfound dog to trust you and listen to you, which will be of great value as it grows into a very large and lively dog. Spray or neuter your pit bull at the age that your veterinarian recommends. It’s important that you do not add to the overpopulated homeless pit bulls already struggling to fight for survival. Spraying and neutering will reduce your dog’s hormones which makes it easier for your dog to stay focused on you, the owner.

Be sure that you exercise your pitbull as frequently as possible. By doing so, you will drain your pit bull’s extra energy, making it less likely to engage in negative behaviors like excessive barking or chewing around your home. This will keep your relationship with your pit bull harmonious and positive. By setting your pit bull up for success, you’re also ensuring the safety and the piblic’s safety. Now, even the most sociable pit bull can cause trouble at any time – not to mention that the breed already has a negative stigma attached to it. Be sure that you never leave your dog unsupervised with other animals or young children. By treating him or her with love, you’ll get the most out of your friendship with your new friend.
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