Veterinary Colleges, work with animals, dog rescue

veterinary collegesFor the animal lover looking for a new occupation, many fields offer work that deals directly with animals. Some people are surprised by how many options one has when seeking a job that involves helping animals. Attending veterinary colleges is one way of finding a rewarding animal career, but there are also many other industries and types of training for work involving animal care, including the following:

  • Medicine: Veterinarian, vet technician, and veterinary assistant
  • Law: Animal law, animal rights, animal cruelty prevention, and humane investigator
  • Caretaking and Training: Kennel assistant, animal trainer, pet store employee, zoo worker, and dog trainer
  • Business Owners: pet sitter, dog walker, kennel owner, and dog or animal trainer

Each field has its own advantages. Jobs in the fields of medicine and law tend to be high-
paying. However, education and training must be considered. Becoming a veterinarian typically requires four years of college plus six years at a college of veterinary medicine. Attorneys typically attend four years of college plus at least three years of law school. To work with animals, however, many jobs require only a few months or years of education.

Individuals who want to own a dog training school might go to animal school to learn more about dog training for several months or a few years. However, owners of a business like this may be successful without years of training, provided they have a sharp mind for business, natural marketing skills, and do high-quality work that satisfies clients. The same goes for owners of a pet store, kennel, or other business that provides services involving animal care or daily routines. Other positions such as veterinary assistants might work in a dog rescue shelter or a variety of other workplaces. These workers can attain certification relatively quickly and still look forward to jobs that provide a steady paycheck and often benefits as well.